Building Confidence with Powerful Self Talk

Join my friend Jeff Heggie and me and discover how to “Build Confidence with Powerful Self Talk”


Jeff has been an entrepreneur all of his life and comes from a diverse background. He spent a number of years as a professional rodeo cowboy, spent some time in the banking industry, real estate and has coached basketball for the past 20 years. In 2005 he walked away from a great job as a bank manager to start making rocks. He founded Kodiak Mountain Stone with one of his mentors, which was a company that manufactured artificial stone veneer. As they’ve faced a number of challenges in the building industry since 2005 they have pivoted Kodiak a number of times. They are no longer in the manufacturing side of the business and now focus on distribution with a focus on Southern Alberta and Phoenix.


Over the years Jeff has had the opportunity to mentor and coach many other entrepreneurs. With his years of entrepreneurial experience along with his banking experience and much training, this has become a passion for Jeff. He still operates as the CEO of Kodiak Mountain Stone but also puts a lot of focus into his coaching, courses and masterminds to help other entrepreneurs develop the mindset and tools required to take their lives and businesses to the next level




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