How to Manage Your Stress and Manifest Your Goals in 2021

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Episode 37

Join my friends Aryana Rollins and Susi Vine and discover “How to Manage Your Stress

and Manifest Your Goals in 2021″


Aryana Rollins

Aryana K. Rollins has been a Certified Cybernetics Transposition Facilitator since 2005. She has a deep understanding and experience helping people clear blocks from their unconscious minds.


She is also a business coach and Intuitive Guide who works with self-aware entrepreneurs who want to build businesses based on their higher values to impact on the world in a positive way.


To learn about Aryana’s upcoming program visit https://mostafahoss–

Susi Vine

Susi Vine is a Stress Resolution Coach that specializes in helping busy professionals simplify healthy living so they can avoid burnout, enjoy optimal productivity & have resilient health.

Through coaching and group programs she shares tools to shift the perception of stress as a challenge so that clients feel empowered to thrive under pressure and get comfortable working outside of their comfort zone.

She also supports clients in strengthening the foundations of health by revealing & resolving emotional, physical and environmental influences of stress.

To learn about Susi’s upcoming program, visit



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