Speaking with Confidence

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 32

Join my friend Lena Livinsky and me and discover “How to Speak with Confidence”

Lena Livinsky is a Polish-American entrepreneur who moved to the US shortly before her 15th birthday.

Lena is a speech-language pathologist, accent coach, podcast host, blogger, and a course creator.

Lena is the host(ess) of the Accented World podcast, which aims to inspire the immigrant community to dream big and follow their passion in life, career and business.

She’s an avid traveller having visited 33 countries to date. Lena lives in New York with her husband and rescue pup Luna.


u can download Lena’s Giff– A Mini Guide to Speaking English with Clarity and Confidence at https://www.dailyconfidence.show/gifts/


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